Production of iGO Beautyshot

Our Swedish heritage, values and culture affect everything we do. Therefore, quality and safety is our No.1 priority, with no exceptions. Sweden is not only famous for its clean natural resources, such as fresh air and clean water. Also, business culture is famous for its honesty and inclusive cooperation – the Swedish model! This is also what we stand for, in everything we do. For us, delivering a safe, high quality product is our No.1 priority. 

We know that being close to our customers is important. Not only in communication, but also in production. Producing close to the market not only guarantees control of quality and production, it is also good for the environment with less CO2 pollution. 

Wherever we produce, we only work together with the best suppliers of raw material, and producers with the highest competence. We work with leading German producers of raw materials for our products. This, in order to guarantee quality for all markets.

Our production facilities in southern Guangdong province is famous for its state of the art equipment, quality and safety. We control all aspects of the production process, in order to fulfill our commitment to deliver a safe high quality product.