About Us


iGO came to life to fit the lifestyle of the new leaders of our time.
To support the new generation of go-getters.
Bjorn and Kevin founded iGO Brands because they knew.
They knew the challenges you have to face, every day.
They too are living the life we all chose. Working long hours.
Always trying a bit harder to keep moving forward.
While chasing their dreams Bjorn and Kevin felt something missing.
A pocketsized functional beverage, with slim design yet extreme power.
And their growing desire led them to founding iGO.
Within a year they had successfully premiered the iGO energyshot.
And due to popular demand, several new functionalities are being launched.
You see, we are in business to empower those who feel young.
To give them the edge, the power and the last push to go beyond the limits others try to set for them.

Strong, Healthy and Genuine

This is for the strong, the healthy and the genuine.
Because the world is full of opportunities for you.
iGO is for the brave who seize their life’s higher purpose.
For the big believers and great achievers.
We wake up early every day to empower those who set their own rules to life.
Those who love to live, and live to change the world for the better.
We support you, we salute you and we exist to see you exceed yourself.
Stay Young. Stay Fashionable. Stay Humble and Stay Real.
Travel more, Create with Passion, Laugh Every Day and Keep Celebrating Success!
Continue to do your very best every single day, and we will continue to feed you with power, every single day.
Stay graceful and stay grateful.
Whatever you do, wherever you go, go further with Igo


iGO is developed, designed and manufactured in Sweden. To ensure the highest standards, we collaborate with the leading suppliers of ingredients and packaging. Quality is our priority and we therefore check every part of the production. Every formulation is rooted in clinical research and designed to support people looking and feeling their best, every day.  iGO Brands combines science and convenience, breaking down the often-intimidating barrier to vitamins and supplements.

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