About iGO Brands

iGO was founded in Stockholm, Sweden 2015 on the simple but powerful idea that modern people long for a boost in life. Our lead chemist and product developer, PhD. Kevin Mowers has more than 20 years of experience from working with some of the biggest brands in the beauty industry.

With a strong focus on developing products that taste great, delivers results for the users. He has repeatedly shown through his successful beauty innovations that he has a deep understanding of human supplementation biology, as well as the latest ingredient technology. Most companies offer supplements or functional products with one focus ingredient, but by creating a supplement stack of ingredients with solid scientific proof of efficiency, the ingredients support each other to deliver the long-lasting results. 

A factor that is often overlooked is the bioavailability. This is how the functional ingredients are delivered to your body, and how easy it is for your body to absorb and utilize them to their full potential. Topical treatments, gummy’s and pills have substantially lower bioavailability than liquids. This is why iGO’s products are, and always will be in the form of a liquid shot, that’s easy for your body to utilize.